Swimmer Levels 1-6

+ Level 1
This class is an introduction to breath control, submerging, floating and kicking, The child must be extremely comfortable with his or her head in the water. These swimmers will be able to perform 10 m swim on their front and back with breathing. They will be able to perform a rollover float from front to back. They will learn safety skills. They will also be don a PFD on land, jump in wearing a PFD, and move while wearing a PFD. They will be able to jump into chest deep water. They will also be able to recover an object from chest deep water.
+ Level 2
This class is for children who are comfortable front floating and kicking with their head under the water for 5 m on their own. They will learn front and back crawl as well as breathing skills and whip kick in vertical position. They will perform surface support for 10-20 seconds and submerge and hold breath for 5-10 seconds.
+ Level 3
This class is for children who are comfortable swimming 10m with an unassisted breath. The child will front crawl with rollover breaths. They will learn how to swim underwater for 5m. They will perform a tuck jump, kneeling dive and front roll wearing a PFD.
+ Level 4
This class is for children swimming 25m of front crawl, back crawl and whip kick. They will learn breaststroke arms and perform an endurance swim of 100m. They will demonstrate a foot-first surface dive and back somersault. They will learn the eggbeater kick with an aid. In addition they will learn standing dives and stride jump entry into deep water.
+ Level 5
These swimmers must know how to swim front crawl with proper side breathing and backstroke. They will learn the full breaststroke, and will continue working on perform longer distances of freestyle, backstroke and dolphin kick. They will perform an interval swim, sprint and endurance swim. They will learn foot-first sculling on back. They will perform eggbeater for 1min. They will also demonstrate a shallow dive into deep water.
+ Level 6
These swimmers must be able to swim 50m of freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, and breaststroke. Swimmers will work on butterfly, stroke refinement and endurance. They will demonstrate head up approaches, various survival skills and perform eggbeater for 2 minutes.