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After years of spending time and money putting our two kids in group swimming lessons, we finally decided that private lessons will be better for many reasons. In a half-hour group class, we noticed our kids were getting maybe 5 minutes of actual lesson, as the instructor had 5-6 other kids to teach in that 30 minutes. For our oldest, this wasn't too bad. However, for our youngest who had a fear/was intimidated by the water, this was an issue. The instructor never took (nor had the time to take) the time to help ease any fears. It was more like, "here is the move we're going to do…now you try…okay, good try…next." We'd come to the conclusion that the extra cost in opting for private lessons would be money much better spent as they'd have the entire 30 minutes of lesson. We began our search for private lessons nearby and came across We Swim's website; we met Michelle, and signed our kids up. WOW! When I tell you I wish we had thought of this & found her sooner…I'm not exaggerating. In less than 15 minutes, Michelle was able to accomplish with our youngest more than anyone had in almost 8 years - she was able to put our youngest at ease and get her to go completely under the water. After just a few lessons, both of our kids were jumping into the deep end and swimming with a confidence we have not been able to see in them thus far in a pool. We're blown away by how fast they've been developing their swimming skills with Michelle's instructions and guidance. Her rapport with kids of very different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses is beyond impressive. She tunes into each child's individual needs and teaches based on what works for them vs having one way to teach and expecting the child to adjust to her. We're grateful to have found Michelle/We Swim and are very happy to have our kids continue to learn from her & become the strongest swimmers they can be.

- Lisa & Tom N.
Stoney Creek, ON

Michelle has come to our home to teach our 4 children to swim for a number of years now. She puts in so much energy ‎and effort to make the lessons fun for the kids, while achieving great progress with them each week! We have been very happy with Michelle's services and would happily recommend her to any family looking for a very high quality and value service.

- Corrine and Paul Empringham, Ancaster, Ontario

When we put our pool in, I wanted my children to enroll in swimming lessons so they could be strong, confident swimmers. With four children, I chose the convenience of having private, in-home lessons so we called Michelle.
This will be the fourth year having Michelle at our home for private swim lessons. Their amazing progress throughout each summer was due to the dedication and positive encouragement given by Michelle. In addition, when the children were younger, we were amazed at Michelle's ability to engage the children in play-based learning. My daughter was afraid of going in the water because we had a negative almost near-drowning episode with her. By the end of her first summer of lessons she was jumping right in! Michelle has had a very positive influence on the children and established a wonderful rapport with all of them where they always looked forward to their next lesson. I would highly recommend Michelle to anon wanting to learn the life saving skill of swimming from a very accomplished professional who is great with kids and adults alike.

- Arlene and Joseph Sardo, Binbrook, Ontario

Over the past three summers, I have witnessed awesome transformations of my boys' swimming abilities; all owing to Michelle's patience with children and knowledge of swimming basics. My boys had been enrolled in the city's swimming program prior to our first meeting with Michelle. While these previous programs got my kids in the water, they paid little attention to the basics that kids need to know in order to feel comfortable in the water. From learning to open their eyes under water, to blowing bubbles out their noses; my boys' confidence improved and previous anxieties over jumping into water over their head and getting water up their nose disappeared after our first summer with Michelle. Over the next two summers my boys' swimming ability improved and they are well on their way to becoming skillful swimmers. I am confident they could save themselves if they were to fall into water over their head and they play in pools now with much more ease. Michelle has a comfortable rapport with the children, yet is professional and sets high standards for their learning. She makes the learning fun and is very patient when kids are afraid or not willing to try something new. This comfortable learning atmosphere and beautiful facility keeps us coming back to her each summer.

- N. Crisante, Hamilton, Ontario

'I have been taking my two kids to Michelle for swimming lessons for over 3 years. Every summer my kids look forward to their lessons. Michelle has a great rapport with kids and teaches them to be competent in the water so they can enjoy a lifetime of water activities with safety as a priority. I would highly recommend her and have to any friends who are looking for lessons for their children. '

Satwant Arora, Ancaster, Ontario

Michelle listens intently to the swimmer’s goals, and delivers the instruction, direction and expertise necessary to make these goals reality. We needed Michelle to bridge our youngest from independent swimming in our own pool to meeting the requirements for group swimming lessons. Michelle knows which skills were needed for which level, and advanced our child seamlessly to meet her goal of joining a group lesson at a skill and age appropriate level.

- Current Parent

Advanced level swimming courses such as Instructor’s and National Lifeguard move quickly, and we have several children enrolled at this level. Michelle’s swimming instruction is key to insuring our teenagers’ success in these advanced lifesaving courses. Michelle notices skill and lifesaving areas in need of strengthening and her instruction allows the swimmer to fix the situation promptly, as if by magic. The “magic” is Michelle’s skill at teaching advanced swimming and lifesaving skills and at influencing the swimmer to strive and consistently perform at a high level. Michelle’s ability to teach aquatics and achieve strong results in a timely manner keeps us calm when swimming challenges arise.

- Family with 3 year history

Is your egg beater lacking in power? Head position leaving you exhausted? Whip kick barely recognizable? Michelle’s attention to detail and skill at teaching swimming will guide you to establish the proper swimming pattern, and increase your capabilities in the water.

- Mother of child with 3 year history